The Ring Brothers’ ADRNLN Pantera

April 5, 2014

The great Ring Brothers are back with their amazing Pantera resto-mod that debuted at SEMA this year. We talk about ideas for upcoming projects and the basket-case Winnebago they bought at an auction.

Show Credits

Producer: Jeff Fox
Audio Engineer: Chris Laxamana


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10 thoughts on “The Ring Brothers’ ADRNLN Pantera

  1. SurferD

    Amazing transformation of a classic.
    The Ring boys are true craftsmen.
    I agree with Adam about the customizers trying something other than Mustangs/Camaros.
    The Datsun Z is an excellent candidate.
    Probably a 280 rather than 240 though because the chassis was stronger.

  2. Barry Soetorro

    A winner! I would prefer this car to a new Ferrari 458 or Lambo “Huaron”….I think. I am more interested in style and comfort than my car goes 4.5 to 60 and yours only goes 5.1 to 60. I would have to see the car in person and the steering and clutch would have to be easy – not like a truck.

  3. John

    Here is an interesting outside the box build of a 600+ horsepower Pro-Touring 67 Volvo Build, and it appears that they are in production and or a kit form? I bet this one is fun, along with not being just another Camaro or Mustang either, plus it apparently made it into the Optima Battery Challenge Invitational after SEMA which I don’t think is a slouch event?

  4. Bob

    The Ring Brothers do a nice job of wowing folks, but after the initial cool factor wears off and the owners of these cars have to deal with them on a daily basis I’m sure most would agree that their cars become rather impractical for anything other than driving a couple of miles to your local show n shine.

  5. michael cianci

    What are those red and black connections on the front bumper of the pantera… never mind looks like trickle charge connections, i love the battery shut off switch.

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