The Car Chasers’ Jeff Allen and Perry Barndt

March 9, 2013

Jeff and Perry are the hosts of the new TV show “The Car Chasers.” The guys buy, fix and flip classic and exotic cars. They talk about the show and then we check out a Beck Speedster they just picked up.

The Car Chasers’ Website

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Producer: Jeff Fox
Audio Engineer: Chris Laxamana
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14 thoughts on “The Car Chasers’ Jeff Allen and Perry Barndt

  1. Minesh

    Any chance of gettine Wayne Carini (Chasing Classic Cars)? I’m sure he’s got a million great stories.

  2. Ron Samuel

    Hi, I have a 1955 Cadillac fleetwood 4 dr, (Elvis), it has a new enigne ready for paint and nedds an interior Are you interested ?

    Thank you

  3. Keyser

    After watching a couple episodes of the The Car Chasers on CNBC, I have to say this new show is an absolute turd. It follows a worn out genre which has already been done to death. It gets 5 Raspberries in my book.

  4. susan froman

    I don’t know how to tell u about my dad an his last car he bilt. My dads name is Ummie Paulson if u would please look him up I think u will kind something .please texe me back. Thank you for your time. Susan

  5. ROBB


  6. jeff friend

    anybody interested in a 1970 olds 442 w30 package
    came from a car collector shows 18,000 miles on it
    in excellent condition but looks like it’s been repainted

  7. nancy

    I have a 1966 Porsche 912, any interest?
    Beautiful, always catches attention and turns heads.
    Please reply, thanks.

  8. Jerry Turnshek

    I hae 1966 Corvette that has a new interior, both tops, original paint, but could need a new paint job, excellent California frame. Would like to sell for $39000.00

  9. Richard King

    give me a call if intrested,an old man aboyt 6or7 miles from me has a barn full of neat stuff…seems to be in a bit of a financial bens…his house is litterally falling apart & he just lost several rental properties to foreclosure…in his barn back in the woods there several cars that have not seen the light of day in many many years,lots of mustangs (old fast backs/mach 1’s) siting in the trees,a burned but complete pantera a alpine tiger,several mclarins (not sure of the spelling) more Iso’s than you can shake a stick at ( 428 powered) lots of little vintage race cars a couple of fastback transam series mustangs…in the back corner of the barn is a 100% real all correct gorgeous all aluminum ford cobra ! (427 powered) intake & carb & wheels & other misc. parts are sitting around in rain/weathered old boxes….i am sooo dissapointed at this kind of automotive history out in the weather…some type of holman/moody experimental race car sitting in the mud with no wheels on it…this guy even has a viper GTS track car he bought years ago,had a flat tire & then lost the keys & has been sitting under the pine trees with the wheels biside it and the hood up for years now-UN COVERED- feel free to call me on my home phone at ( 770-464-0722) my name is Ricky King and i will take you to his door .

  10. CarTypes

    I actually like this show. I enjoy similar shows that air in Velocity channel on dish network and this one is becoming one of my favorites.

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