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Ken Block

July 28, 2011

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Show Summary

Adam Carolla, Sandy Ganz and Motorator Matt sit down with Ken Block to talk about his cars, driving and the X-Games. Ken brings in his Monster Energy Ford Fiesta RS as well as his European Ford Focus RS.

Show Links

Check out Ken and the rest of the Monster World Rally Team at www.MonsterWorldRallyTeam.com

And to check out Ken on Facebook


Matt’s Ride Along with Ken Block


Ken Block and his Ford Focus RS and Monster Energy Ford Fiesta RS


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David Borla : Borla Exhaust

August 6, 2010

Adam Carolla and Sandy Ganz visit with David Borla of Borla Exhaust. We jump on the phone with the president of the Concorso Italiano, Tom McDowell for some conversation on what’s happening at this years show. Check out the X-Games Super Rally video with Tanner Foust and Professor Ganz in the 2011 Ford Fiesta car. Enjoy the Show!

For more information about the Borla Exhaust Products check out the site here www.Borla.com

To get more information on the upcoming Concorso Italiano check out the site here www.Concorso.com

And to check out more of Tanner’s antics check out his site here Tanner Foust

Lastly, Special thanks to Ford Performance for letting the Professor Ride Along with Tanner. Check out all the great Ford Performance Products and videos right here Ford Performance

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Episode Video

David Borla’s R32 Volkswagen

Sandy Ganz rides with Tanner Foust

Extra Video

For a couple of other short X Game Videos Check Here CarCast Video Section

X Games Video

August 6, 2010

Some Video and Pics from the 2010 ESPN X Games Super Rally press day

Some Videos from the X Games Super Rally with the Ford Fiesta and Tanner Foust. Some shots were with a ContourHD camera that is usually mounted to a car or helmet but I just walked around and shot video with it like a camcorder. Sadly the helmet video didn’t come out since so much was going on I forgot to turn the helmet camera on. Oh well, Tanner said next time we are going to hit the jump (Adam can catch that ride).

Good times!

A few photos

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Sandy Ganz and Tanner Foust going for a Ride

Sitting in the Rockstar Fiesta

Video of some practice laps