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Coronado Speed Festival

October 3, 2009

Special CarCast Race Show, Adam Carolla at the Coronado Speed Festival. Adam, the Bob Sharp Datsun 610 Make its Debut. The CarCast crew report the event with special In-Car-Cam shots of the racing action. During all of this, Ace and the Weez pull a quick trip to check out the Miura and talk interior with Gary Bobileff, then back to the track. Special track feature with driver profile and Duane Norman. We pick up with a cool car, the Iso Rivolta, then Ace Back on the track for Qualifying. Day 2 we jump in with Adam, Sandy, and Donny rolling to the track and discussing investment race cars then the big race. Wrap it up with Celebrity cars.

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Quick Links

Quick Link to The Guest Car and Duane Norman
Quick Link to Andy Dick’s First Car
Quick Link to 1964 Iso Rivolta

Coronado Speed Festival Video

Image Gallery

Special Thanks to Contributing Photographers-
Seiji Kishi – “6S100”
Sam Martinson
Dennis Currington (Click Here for more Photos)

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