Steve Strope & The Martini Mustang

February 9, 2013

Steve Strope of Pure Vision Design talks about the ideas behind his amazing custom muscle cars. We also get to check out one of his finest builds, the Martini Mustang.

Check out galleries of the Martini Mustang and many of Steve’s other builds at his website:

Show Credits

Producer: Jeff Fox
Audio Engineer: Chris Laxamana


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9 thoughts on “Steve Strope & The Martini Mustang

  1. Kris S

    Such a beautiful car. Amazing detail for s track/street car.

    If I can make one criticism of your website. gents, it is annoying when I try to watch the video and and try to flip through the different pages of pics. The way you have it setup is that each page of pictures is on a different website page. which causes the video to stop and restart from the beginning.

    Again I love what you do for us, I do the amazon click through all the time.

    Kris S.

    1. Minesh

      Kris – an easy workaround is to open the video on in a second browser window (click the link on the bottom right of the video). Then you can open the pictures without restarting the video.

  2. Chris J

    I just Right Click the photo page numbers and open THEM in new windows. Same idea, but it allows me to quickly go back and forth between pages, when I want.

    Meanwhile, an absolute stunner of a car! I can’t imagine what it would sound like at 9,000. Thanks for the tour!

  3. James

    What a Sweeet sound that car makes. So glad it is street legal…must be a blast at the red lights.

    Thanks for keeping consistent on having an updated CarCast weekly Aceman. We all know you are a busy guy.

    ps…appreciate Matt’s efforts in keeping new cars on the show too. Such as the Focus and BRZ. Good stuff…

  4. Amir

    Love what he said when Adam asked him about getting his hands on a Ferrari, not gonna fuck it up. Respect for Steve Strope.

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