Rob Dickinson

September 24, 2010

Adam Carolla and the Professor Sandy Ganz bring you a peek at the Singer Porsche and its creator Rob Dickinson. If you like the 911’s you will love this car and it might be considered the ultimate 911. Enjoy the Show!

Check out Rob’s site with a ton more information on the Singer 911

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Episode Video

Rob Dickinson’s Singer 911 Video

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31 thoughts on “Rob Dickinson

  1. Stacey E

    Considering your love of those cars, I’m surprised it took so long for you to interview Rob Dickinson. I love that guy. What a thrill.

  2. ttamnoswad

    Ace, great analogy to the Icon guys…….but like the Icon guys did with the interior crinkle paint on a soon to be dusty off road vehicle…… takes just one thing to throw the concept off, (and one asshole like me to mention it). But for this 911 it would be that goofy fuel filler location. That particular fuel filler location takes the Singer’s detailed concept of accentuating functionality and turns it into a fetish, adorned and bedazzeled.

    In short …….it looks goofy, too intentional, and completely absurd to use. Is the new owner going to have to cart around a fender protector?…. to protect the paint from the clunky rubber fuel pump hose scraping and draping against the perfect paint? Or your one of those dorks whos holding the the hose with the other hand for 5 mins.

    Please consider re-thinking that feature in future versions.

    (yes I understand the weight savings reasoning, but use-ability IS functionality)

    1. Bernhard Haggenmacher

      From one asshole to another:
      I agree, beautiful car but the stock fuel filler, complete with rubber flap to protect the paint,
      is the better way to go.& looks cleaner. Quick pit stops? I’d like to see this car after a day at Willow during 6hrs of Le Mans. Weight savings? Are you fuckin kidding me? Get rid of the
      A/C or get a Prius you fuckin pussies! This car belongs in Adam’s new den as a museum piece not the street. What finish is that on the Fuchs?…….Another idea on the filler: lower the neck, shitcan the hole in the hood and fill the tank 356 style! Certain “race inspired” ideas
      are best left on the “race track” TODD. Dr. Porsche would roll over in his grave if he knew guys with a name like “Todd” got anywhere near a Porsche. Aceman I always look forward
      to Wednesday’s “This week in rage” on Kevin & Bean………..Don’t forget Villaretardo…..he’s
      makin Bikelanes now! You ARE the man……………….unlike Todd

  3. broiler

    Great Carcast, and thanks for all of them as I love them.

    I had to go back and look at the pics after hearing Adam rave about this 911. Agreed, this car is AMAZING! However only true car nuts will understand why this is soooo cool. I would love to have one though!

  4. TODD

    everything is perfect, including the fuel filler location! race inspired , keep up the tastefully done work Rob, and in your off hours keep writing some music for us all too, miss the music. TT

  5. Kal

    This is a very cool car. The vehicle looks quite refined and well thought out. Build quality appears to be excellent. I’d be super interested to see what it actually drives like. I was also curious as to what the curb weight was. I didn’t see any actual curb weight listed on the Singer website.

    Now the question is how many people are willing to pay this much when they can get a new GT3 RS for 1/2 the cost? You have to be one hell of an air cooled fanatic I guess. The concept is interesting but I’m curious to how viable the business is at this price point. I also wonder about how many air cooled fanatics would rather have a 100% original car in pristine condition instead.

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