Pete Chapouris and Jimmy Shine

June 18, 2010

Adam Carolla and Sandy Ganz sit down with Pete Chapouris and Jimmy Shine of SO-CAL Speed shop. SO-CAL is one of the oldest speeds shops with the doors opening in 1946, with many historical contributions to the art of Hot Rodding. Conversation of course derails into frozen planes, drag boats and other fun discussion. The SO-CAL folks bring down their iconic ’32 SO-CAL Highboy for a peek. Enjoy the show!

Check out SO-CAL Speed Shop at

Jimmy Shine’s Site can be found here
(See if you can find the ‘Gutter Surfing’ Video…)

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12 thoughts on “Pete Chapouris and Jimmy Shine

  1. Ian

    Hey Ganz I’m with you. Screw fancy sub shops, gas station sangwhich all the way! (referenced earlier in week on AC show)

    Also got to see the Chicago show, drove in from Minneapolis, got a chicken shit $200 ticket and got to tell the Weez to GET IT ON. Thanks for signing my ticket weezer, I’m sure I’ll be rich as soon as I ebay this thing. “Genuine Weez Signature”-500,000 or best offer

  2. Ford Prefect

    Anyone who hasn’t seen “B-29 Frozen in Time” should get the DVD immediately. Don’t read the cover; don’t google the description; just watch. The phrase “Heroic effort” is usually hype, but not in this case.

    I don’t know much about hot rods, but I like the simplicity of the highboy. There’s an interesting contrast between the genteel side mirrors and the plain utility of the rest of the car. It looks clean without being boring. IMO, the problem with custom cars is that people try to put every good idea they have into a single vehicle. Professionals know when to stop, however (and also where to start — that’s the second most important question). You should ask your guests if they ever say “no” to a customer.

  3. Kraig

    You were calling the P-38 Lightning a Black Widow. The Black Widow is a P-61, not a P-38. Both are twin boom aircraft. My grandfather was a P-38 pilot during the war. And you make fun of chicks for not knowing shit about WWII. LOL! Keep up the good work!

  4. captain ham

    love the guests. can’t afford one of the cars but have to get one of their t-shirts. keep up the good work, guys.

  5. John

    What is the name of the other documentary other than “B-29 Frozen in Time” ? It sounded like there were two.

  6. Jax

    What was the name of the P-38 doc? I Googled it and I found some sites about the project, but nothing about a documentary. I guess the plane is called the Glacier Girl now. I need to know the name of that documentary!

  7. CarCast Post author

    Not sure if these help, but the DVD for the B-29 are on Amazon and one on the P-38, Glacier Girl may be in the History DVD. If you have Netflix you may find them in their listings not sure.

  8. jcatjake

    ah, I loved NOVA. Remember the one about the arson investigator who turned out to be the arsonist? good shit. I cant find the one where a team of dudes restore an abandoned ww2 bomber on what looks like planet hoth. Nothing goes right and it turns into a depressing comedy of errors. PBS rules! WGBH !!! ZOOM!! Vegetable Soup! Sagan!

  9. Haggle

    I really enjoyed this show. I am surprised that no one mentioned the California Kid coupe. (Maybe because that was Pete and Jake’s not Socal?) That’s one of the cars that I remember in every magazine when I was a kid.

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