Pebble Beach 2010 Part 1

October 8, 2010

Part one of a two part Pebble Beach episode. Adam Carolla and the Professor Sandy Ganz takes you on the annual Pebble Beach run. Ace, Ganz and the Weez jump into Adam’s Jaguar and roll to Monterey. We visit the auctions, an Italian Car show, vintage racing and even have enough time to toss back a couple of beers. And that’s not all for this episode, we have one of the hottest teams on the 24Hrs of LeMons circuit, the Eyesore Racing Team. This veteran team bring down the “FrankenMiata” and you are sure to enjoy this car and the Eyesore racing team. BUT WAIT, if that wasn’t enough we bring in a new tire segment, “Air Pressure and You”. Enjoy the show!

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Pebble Beach Video

FrankenMiata Video

Air Pressure and You Video

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13 thoughts on “Pebble Beach 2010 Part 1

  1. Dave

    Hey guys thanks for posting the Pebble Beach coverage. Why didn’t you guys do it all video like you did previous years. Coverage was good guys looked like you had fun. Hope you see you guys there next year.

    1. CarCast Post author

      I don’t know how much less video we have, but mostly the interview stuff from what I recall. We have another episode of video coming as well, that should help fill it in a bit more.


  2. Matt in PDX

    Great job guys, what a dream weekend for a gearhead. Loved the quick visit with Bernard, he is one cool cat with an amazing knowledge of vehicles and mechanics. A great reality show would be cameras following Bernard around his daily life working on Jay’s stuff, and following his personal vintage racing endeavors.

  3. George

    Hey….For future reference the correct tire pressure is typically on a tag on the door frame of the car. Maximum tire pressure is NOT usually appropriate. Also, I am surprised Adam didn’t pile a little shit on the nitrogen hoax. Total waste of money for the typical driver.

    1. CarCast Post author

      Yes, IF your car has that that is the best way to get your recommended pressure. Maximum is just that maximum, and if it was not on the tire they you would have nothing. Yes if you have a tag use that or if the tire has both a recommended and a maximum, use the recommended.

      And yeah the nitrogen deal is a hoax if you pay extra for it. You can get the same results by checking your tire pressure and keeping it up to where it should be. I run it in the race cars since it’s easier to tote a tank around vs. an air tank with 100psi and it fills a lot more tires. The key is Dry and doesn’t matter what you fill it up with as long as it Dry. Any physics folks out there that can help verify?

      George – Thanks for the heads up on the recommended pressure tag, most of my cars are too old to have the sticker and it didn’t come to mind.


      1. Ford Prefect

        Not to be a dink, but that’s assuming you’re using the exact same size tire and rim that came with the car; otherwise the door jamb recommendation is totally bogus. That may be obvious if you swapped the rims yourself, but if you bought used and the previous owner swapped stock 18 rims for stock 19’s, say, then it’s not.

        Aso, I’m aware that if one needs to premise a statement with “not to be a dink” then one is, actually, being a dink. Sorry.

  4. Micah

    So glad you guys are posting this pebble beach stuff. I can’t get enough. If you guys are ever near philly, pa you have to go to this museum. It’s one guy’s collection and he’s got a cobra coupe, two bugattis, a bunch of racing aston martins and ferraris, a 917, gt-40s- everything! I’d love to hear an interview with the guy too.

  5. Chris from FL

    One of the Sarahs, I couldn’t tell which, had a funny line buried in there. When Sandy asked about the name and the guy in the white shirt launched into his naming story, she beat him to it with a one-liner: “Eyesore Racing.”

  6. Chris from FL

    It was the Ginger Sarah that had the funny. It just took forever to get through the video, which is a comment I have for Motorvator. This video player resembles Liveleak, but it doesn’t have the LiveLeak feature that allows people with slow connections to just Pause the video, let it preload, with a progress bar that let’s your server get ahead, then play it later with a minimum of buffering. I don’t exactly have the world’s fastest connection out here, in the garage and we live in an increasingly mobile world, so would it be a big deal to allow Paused videos to preload, rather than bump along in buffering bumper-to-bumper? Thanks for any answer.

    As to the Tire video, I go with ignoring the manufacturers tag on the door column; my Pathfinder says to run 26 PSI, which is ridiculous lawyer and chick pressure. Lawyers and chicks don’t buy my tires or gas. I use the pressure rating on my tires, minus a few pounds, and try to keep them even.

    Now, as to the lead weights issue, you people in California and the northeast are to be pitied, but only as long as those of us in the rest of the country resist the stupidity. You can let your toddler swallow a lead weight and the only impact will be that you may have to borrow some of Sandy’s tire lube to retrieve it from their butt. Solid lead is meaningless, as a hazard, unless it is travelling very fast, from a gun. It’s stuff like dissolved lead in gasoline, or used as a pigment in paint, that is a problem. In some parts of the country, the naturally occuring lead dissolved in groundwater is so high (because it comes from the fucking dirt, people!), you need filters or bottled water. Only fucking California would require zinc-coating of lead weights, because California has got its head so far up its ass that it can’t recognize the simple math that its combined public employee pension benefits obligations exceeds its entire state revenue stream by 550%. If California never spent another penny on any other state function, for 5 and a half years, it would catch up to being even with what it owed, five and a half years ago, just to pay for state employees to come up with something as dumb as that.

    I’m a Marine Biologist that does nothing but water chemistry and toxic effects work and that is the single, dumbest thing I have ever heard of. You folks out there will never pay off your debts and start moving forward until you just start firing people. There are so many leeches in California government that do nothing but scare people with math that can’t be understood by most, that you will have an endless supply of people, mostly chicks, that are always scared and will always accept a new regulation to protect…whatever. You want to protect your kids? Protect them from the California State government. Right now, today, try to explain to your kids that they have to leave elementary school to go to work at MacDonalds, for five and a half years, and give every single penny of their state taxes to pay for the obligations they already owed, the day they started. Five and a half years later, they will finally have caught up with their contribution as of the day they started, but they will also be five and a half years behind, just if everything stays the same. And it won’t stay the same, with the Boomers retiring. Five and a half years from now, they will be closer to 30 years behind in their entire state tax obligation, only to pay for the pension and benefits for state employees.

    I know California thinks the rest of the states are going to bail them out, but we will not and we will drag anybody out in the public square and hang them if they vote to bail you dummies out, or Michigan, or New York, or Illinois, or any of the rest of you dumbasses that vote to keep in place nannies that make you coat your wheel weights with zinc, while stealing our kid’s lunch money. You know how they say as goes California, so goes America? No. The rest of us have been done with California for a long time, now. Not even Hollywood can sell California, anymore, because the rest of America doesn’t give a shit about Hollywood.

    But we like Adam Corolla and Sandy Ganz, even though Hollywood doesn’t seem to. And we like many other Californians. Just not Hollywood, or California. Sorry to have ranted, but I know my lead in groundwater and lead in blood-chemistry stuff well enough to know when I’m seeing just another circle jerk to pump up the costs, so everybody can skim a job from it. They can’t win in court, they can’t win in the lab, so they win in the schools and on television. Happy Halloween, everybody, everything is SO Scary! OK, I’m three weeks behind on CarCast broadcasts and just catching up with the first Pebble Beach segment. So sue me! I’m just out there working to suppport a government gone crazy!

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