McLaren M6B and the Lotus Evora

April 16, 2010

We get a special treat this week. Toluca Lake Classic Motorsports brings down a restored McLaren M6B to the shop as well as Lotus USA bringing down a 2010 Evora. We take a close look at the cars, lift the panels, and fire it up. Nothing like the sound of high compression and open exhaust. At the other end of the spectrum, a new 2010 Evora. We take a peek at both of the cars.

Special thanks to both Toluca Lake Classic Motorsports and Lotus Cars USA for letting us check out the cars. For more information hit the links below!

Toluca Lake Classic Motorsports for more info on the McLaren M6B and other cars

Lotus Cars USA The Lotus Evora and all of the Lotus cars

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