LA Auto Show 2009 Part 1

December 12, 2009

Adam Carolla and Sandy Ganz make the rounds at the 2009 Los Angeles Auto Show. This first part of a two part show will have interviews at Porsche, Dodge, BMW, Ford, Cadillac, and Motor Trend Magazine. Enjoy!

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Dodge Viper





Motor Trend

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32 thoughts on “LA Auto Show 2009 Part 1

  1. Matt

    Its funny you mentioned quirky people driving SAABs, I am Canadian and have seen all of 20 Saabs on the road in my lifetime. Two years ago I was working in Sydney Australia as a Valet in the basement of an office building, in the buldling I worked in was a big invitro fertilization clinc. All these big time doctors all drove SAABs, I guess that would be a plus for there image having such great doctors who give the miracle of child birth to those who can’t. If Saab is the car of life givers, Adam what kind of car do you think abortion doctors are likely to drive? Dr. Jack Kevorkian would drive?

    PS. Adam you always bitch about people using cars to take advantage of people, the rates where as follows
    1-60 min $20
    61-2 hrs $35
    2-3 hrs $45
    3-4 hrs $55
    4hrs+ $60
    It was right in the middle of downtown Sydney there were no cheaper alternatives in 20 minutes walking distance, what a total scam, I didn’t make good tips(people there don’t tip) but I made some serious walking around money.

    Morale of the story for me, don’t valet your car I dinged up a Bentley (drive side back door 6 inch mark $23 grand to repair), wrecked the roof on a audi a4 convertable, scratched up a subaru wagon, a ford falcon ute plus multiple other small incidents. I learned to drive stick in other peoples cars with right hand drive, needless to say I put some uncalled for pressure on a couple clutches Burnd the shit out of the clutch in a citreon, to the popint where the smoke lingered for half an hour.

    1. Matt

      I didn’t mean to sound braggish, I do feel terrible about the damage caused in my short time in that penile colony.

    2. CarCast Post author

      Matt –

      My cousin parked cars (not the Weez) but another and they would run drag races with the customer cars. Nice job! And for those that don’t tip the parking guys expect balder tires and a burn clutch ;).

      Hopefully you now can drive after all that.


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