Kenny Wayne Shepherd

June 25, 2010

Adam Carolla and Sandy Ganz welcome legendary blues guitarist Kenny Wayne Shepherd. Adam digs deep and talks to Kenny Wayne about his start as a guitarist, then skips right to car talk. Kenny Wayne tells us about his run on the Hot Rod Power Tour and brings in a couple of his slick rides, a 1970 Plymouth Duster and his new Dodge SRT 8 Challenger. Enjoy the show!

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13 thoughts on “Kenny Wayne Shepherd

  1. Jeffrey Ramsey

    I seen Kenny Wayne Shepherd on the Quad at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, around 1999. . I had a stand up wheel chair and was on the front row. He/ the band was awesome. The sound was perfect with no distortion. A master on the Guitar. My Cousin had a 75 Duster. He drove it to hard and didn’t change the oil often enough or I think they were bad about not pumping enough oil to the top of the motor. This show brought back some good memories. All This was before my health went down hill. Keep up the good work ACE. Adam. Peace, Jeffrey Ramsey

  2. captain ham

    you live long enough and you see everything. i owned a Duster that I practically gave away when i was tired of it and my cousin owned a Cuda that now sells for millions. I’m gonna go cry now.

  3. Ian

    Oops, typed that before I got all the way through the show. Kenny just made me feel like a jackass.

  4. Ford Prefect

    The talk about two-tone paint and how it looks different in varying degrees of sunlight gave me an idea. If you painted layers of light-sensitive tint over base colors, you *could* have a blue-on-black paint job in full sunlight and something completely different when it’s overcast. With layering you could do some clever stuff — logos that disappear, etc. Or less gimmicky, you could have a paint job that looks the same in any light. But it turns out they already have photochromic paint. Oh well. I don’t know if you can buy the tint by itself, though.

    Right about two-tone being a Foose hallmark. I like how on Overhaulin he would take color requests as suggestions, then provide sketches for the customer to choose from. I suppose that answers my question, “how do you say no to a customer?”. You never let it get to that point.

    I’m surprised by the dearth of comments here. You would think this site would be at least as popular as Leno’s. Maybe you should add a squirrel catapult segment?

  5. Ian

    I think this show and the Daves are the real gems of the ACE network. I also think that Carcast doesn’t get as many comments as Adams show or other podcasts because it doesn’t deal with controversial material and doesn’t try to be all comedy. With those types of shows you get people who want to argue with you through the message boards or who want to tell you that your show sucks and its not funny. Carcast is all garage type subject matter so there’s nothing incendiary to fight about or nothing to say isn’t funny. Also people who like garage type material are typically a lot more laid back and less likely to post shit online then your standard podcast jackass.

    Carcast is my favorite weekend cast, great to listen to in the garage while fucking about with mini bikes and stuff. Sandy and Adam are great together, and I think the show flows way better than the main Cast and is just nicer to listen to overall. That being said I like all the shows here, but Carcast beats them out every time. Listening to the show makes you feel like you’re just chilling in the garage with Ace and Sandy, and once in a while the Weez comes in to talk some shit are to get made fun of. Its so relaxed and the most organic of all the major podcasts. Great job guys.

  6. faze

    Who’d have thought that, of all the motors Chrysler made, they’d build a crate performance motor out of the 360. It’s almost as generic as the 225 slant, and, the only v-8 they made with a cast crank. I’m sure the 406’s is steel but seriously folks, Mopar went with the 360????????????

  7. Erik

    I really enjoyed the interview, but as he got into the duster I was a little bummed out. I like the idea of a duster as its a little left of center not the Cuda or charger and was pumped because it was original numbers matching with a bunch of factory options; but he dropped a crate and had a cup holder built, not very cool. Its not hard to get it sleeved and breath on the original a little, he has other cars make a nice understated sleeper; I digress though. Love the show really gets me inspired to work on my own junk.

  8. Nick

    The best thing about listening to these old episodes a month or two late: Adam talking about what a “cool guy” Mel Gibson is!

  9. ALRUI

    @Nick: I agree 100% with that I knew I was way behind on listening to the shows when they talked about Mel Gibson, it would have been very awkward to have said anything after the bashing Mel Gibson got on the regular podcast:-)

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