Hollywood Hot Rod and the Raybestos Truck

July 30, 2010

Adam Carolla and Sandy Ganz visit Troy Ladd at Hollywood Hot Rods check out the Raybestos project truck and it’s progress. Next on the list Sandy and Motorator Matt take a quick trip out to B&M and talk with Regis Finn, the director of marketing. Then onto the featured car, this week is Rudi Hillebrand’s hot 1931 Ford Coupe.

For more about Troy Ladd’s Hollywood Hot Rods Click here www.hollywoodhotrods.com

And for the Raybestos Truck Give Away Here www.raybestosgarage.com

Here for B&M Racing www.bmracing.com

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Episode Video

Hollywood Hot Rods Raybestos Truck

B&M Tour

Video of Rudi’s ’31 Ford Coupe

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29 thoughts on “Hollywood Hot Rod and the Raybestos Truck

  1. Ian

    WOOOOO! Saturday, Carcast playing, Rebuilding a 2 stroker, and burning a little tree. Hell yeah! Hey weez bring over some mini bike carbs and a water pipe and we’ll have a grand ole time.

  2. ryan

    This episode doesn’t work when played over the speaker on my mp3 player, but with headphones it’s ok. This has happened before with another carcast, another listener explained it was due to the audio being out of phase.

    1. CarCast Post author

      Ryan, I will take a look at it. I had fixed all the cables, but someone may have picked up a new one and tossed into the pack. Which segment had the problems all of them?


      1. Aaron K.

        It was the interview with “Troy” that didn’t work correctly. Try playing it on your iPod or iPhone’s speakers. It works on my computer speakers, but you can tell the sound is “different”

        1. CarCast Post author

          Yep, it’s out of phase due to an incorrectly wired cable. I’ll take a look tomorrow to make sure it gets removed from the travel pack.


  3. Ellis

    Hail CarCast!
    Apart from being a great show altogether (very informative/funny/overall cool),
    Ultimate highlights for me were:

    *Automatic Shifter alternative…
    *Inspector 13 – “Is this one broken?”
    *Granite Table – “Beer bottle coaster marks…”
    *OEM Shifter….

    That pure gold made my morning.

    And many thanks to “The Professor”, Matt-The-Man, and Adam for making it all possible. And special thanks to Regis for being such a good sport w/ jokes to boot.

    Thanks always guys.
    (big fan/student)

  4. Josh H.


    Every now and again an audio issue crops up in CarCast/ACP podcasts that causes it to not be playable via the speaker in my iPhone, and the volume is very low via headphones. I believe that this is what commenter ‘ryan’ was referring to. The issue occurred in the Hollywood Hot Rods segment of the show, where the audio sounds like you’re underwater when played through an iPhone speaker.

    When playing that segment through my computer’s speakers, it sounds like when the audio was recorded, there was a 3D Audio type effect added, kinda like surround-sound. In the podcast, the issue happens for the entire duration of the Hollywood Hot Rods segment. I suspect that it might be related to the camera that was used to record the video/audio.

    I’ve noticed this issue in several other CarCast episodes as well. Send me an email if you’d like to do some testing, I’d be happy to assist. Thanks as always for doing what you do!

    Josh H.

    1. CarCast Post author

      I know what the problem is, when I get to the shop tomorrow I’ll look at the waveforms on Troy’s segment, and what has likely happened is the audio channels are out of phase. This will cancel the audio out if on a mono speaker and sounds odd in head phones. I had rebuilt cables to solve the problem but I’ll bet someone got some new cables and tossed it into the pack and here we go again ;).

      I’ll take a look tomorrow. And thanks for the heads up!


      1. bill



        If you pan all the way left, or right, it sounds fine. It’s only screwed up when you’re panned center (especially on a laptop or any other all-in-one system where the phase issue can really wreak havoc), or on a mono speaker.

        thanks for sorting it, love the show.


        1. CarCast Post author

          Yep getting ready to repost the MP3 for the episode. Should be up this afternoon and fixed hopefully. And verified as a new cable in the pack that was not fixed.


  5. Troy L.

    Great shows! I love Rudi’s 31 coupe!! That is one bad ass vintage hot rod.

    It is always fun hangin with you guys, thanks for dropping by again and checkin out the Raybestos truck.


    1. CarCast Post author

      Thanks Troy!

      Rudi’s 31 is awesome and it’s a driver. He just came buy my house for my kids B’day party in it, straight pipes and all. He is working on some other new projects can’t wait to see how they come out.

      The Raybestos truck is coming out HOT!

      BTW, I’ll hit Adam up for the 6 Bucks for the VHT Gold Paint!

      Get back to work!


  6. ScottF

    Argh… 3rd time downloading and still only get faint sounds mixed with distortion… The Adam carolla podcast has it’s own issues (can’t drag the slider to advance, the time doesn’t change and if I pause it starts from the beginning when I hit at again). I listen to podcasts all day and these are the only two podcasts causing be grief. I like the carcast so much I’m trying to suffer through but it’s like watching scrambled porn back in the 80’s. This is the 3rd carcast to do this… Help fix these bumps in the otherwise smooth windy fast road that is a kick ass show! Thanks.


  7. ScottF

    Ok ok– I’ll read more before I post! You know of the audio problems and you’re fixing it (hopefully before Donny’s bronco).

    Once again, you guys have come up with one hell of a show. Thanks!

    1. CarCast Post author

      ScottF and others, I have the corrected audio going up sometime today. Hang in for a bit. It was a new cable that someone tossed into the mix. I have it on my desk now so it will get fixed before being used again.


  8. 831Doug

    Just got caught up with the videos from this show and the previous two shows. You guys rock!! Keep up the good work.

    1. CarCast Post author

      Playing fine now. This was the episode where we had a new upload of the audio file and the site didn’t get updated. The RSS feed is ok as well as iTunes, sorry for the rough road.


  9. ttamnoswad

    Love seeing the shops and companies that are hand making awesome cars like the Hollywood Hotrod stuff…………not so interested in you guys featuring companies who make some/most of their products in china.

    But……….if a company seeks some presence via compensation……..then I cancel everything I just said. Anything to keep you guys making this awesome show.

  10. Hondo78

    Still looking on the RaybestosGarage.com for an actual place to register so I can win this Truck!

    The throttle plates are very cool, my 4.6 32 valve may look better with these.

  11. Rudy

    I would love to win a truck, i have never won anything in my life, i will be 50 years old on December 18th I live in Canada [NUMBER REMOVED]

  12. Pete

    interesting build
    I also restore classics and understand the labour of love
    as much as I too would enjoy the win just once the tech (with glasses)should get the hot rod
    Thanks Pete

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