Freightliner Truck

March 25, 2011

Not that often you see a 1900+ Hp Diesel Race Truck. Mike Ryan’s Freightliner is just that. With it producing close to 2000hp on Diesel fuel, it no wonder this truck produces some spectacular results on the track and places such as Pikes Peak. This ‘lightweight’ Freightliner weights in at just about the 9900 pound mark, features a 2 huge turbocharges and numerous other tricks to allow this truck to perform, well, crazy fast as well as handle well enough to compete in Pikes Peak and finish near the top of the marks. We won’t say how cool it was to see it come to the shop in Gulf Racing Livery!

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Mike Ryan


Mike Ryan’s Motorsports Website is here –

Look for the Freightliner Video at Mikes Channel after April 1 on Mike’s YouTube ChannelMike’s YouTube Channel


Mike Ryan’s Freightliner


Short Burn Out


Gymkhana – Freightliner Style


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