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PODCAST 945: SEMA Highlights Part 1

November 2, 2017

Matt D’Andria presents a collection of interviews from SEMA 2017 with some of the world’s leading automotive forces. He kicks it off talking to Ringbrothers‘ Mike and Jim Ring about their latest builds- Clem 101 and Prestone Javelin AMX Defiant. He then sits with John Hotchkis of Hotchkis Sport Suspension to chat about his newest offerings, including the Gen 1 Mustang Spindle! Next, Matt interviews Jason Harding of Katech Performance about their involvement with Corvette racing. And lastly, Matt talks to OER Products‘ Edward Navarro about reproduction parts.

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PODCAST 922: Ridiculous Car Chases, Car Custody Battle, The New Maclaren

June 1, 2017

Adam and Matt chat about the Leitzinger 280ZX and a cool car Matt is expecting soon. The guys also answer listener emails about improbable car scenes and losing a car after a divorce.

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PODCAST 910: Jim Beaver

March 10, 2017

Adam and Matt start the show discussing some of Adam’s concerns with his upcoming Spike TV show – Adam and Friends Build Stuff Live. They then get into a conversation about one of Adam’s less mentioned cars – his BMW M3 E46.

Jim Beaver then joins the guys to talk about racing the Polaris RZR Star Car and the guys answer a listener email about traveling to Goodwood for vacation.

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PODCAST 837: The Rally Gene

September 16, 2016

Adam and Matt preview their upcoming trip to 2016 Coronado Speed Festival and talk about the rally gene. They then give a few pointers for those wishing to drive in L.A. and help a listener looking to spruce up the tires on his Civic.