Adam’s Factory Lightweight Datsun 2000 Roadster

July 31, 2009

Adam and Ganz take a look at his Datsun 2000 Lightweight Roadster with Les Canaday of Classic Datsun. (Photo : Les Cannaday, Adam, John Morton, John Knepp, Craig Carter and Tony Adamowicz)


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11 thoughts on “Adam’s Factory Lightweight Datsun 2000 Roadster

  1. Mako

    I love the factory lightweight roadsters, unfortunately the one with the L28 is no longer around.

    Curious, how does she drive? I’d love to see some footage of of it going.

  2. Eric Stoltz

    Fantastic little roadster! So, Its a former championship winning autocross E P class car, have you ever autocrossed it Aceman?

  3. Taylor


    I may quite possibly be your biggest fan, and the Datsun Roadster is one of my all-time favorite cars. The roadster brought Japanese reliability to the obscenely fun to drive British roadster. Having said that, you deserve a huge rash of shit for all the trash talking you’ve given to the Mazda Miata over the years for being a girl/gay car. Your Datsun “Fairlady” was the original girl car, specifically marketed to appeal to the 20 something female demographic. Basically a precursor to the spec Miata, both cars are lightweight, rear wheel drive, reliable, inexpensive to own and operate, light on frills, quick off the line, and naturals on the racetrack. The Mazda Miata was made with the spirit of the Datsun Roadster in mind and is THE MOST RACED CAR EVER. Cut it some slack.

    There is my mini rant. Love the Car Cast, keep it up.


  4. tms

    I really enjoyed learning about the history of your car. I went to SDSU in the late 80’s and ran against your car in the 1989 Autocross @ Jack Murphy. I entered both a 510 w/Don Potter built L20B and a 2002 tii built by Dinan.

    1. CarCast Post author

      I keep bugging Adam to take that car out, I think I finally have him ready to do so. It’s a really nice car, Les at Classic Datsun’s did a nice job in the clean and fix after he got it, and it’s ready to roll.


  5. Steve

    I currently own three roadster’s here in Wisconsin. I got to see Adam’s new BRE car before it departed WI for CA. Our Dairyland Datsun club’s summer road runs usually get 6-8 roadster’s which turns heads at every stop. I’m very pleased that Adam is helping keep the roadster’s rich racing history alive.


    1. CarCast Post author

      He will be running one of the BRE (I think BRE #1 Roadster) this year at the Monterey Historics. Keep an eye out for more on that.


  6. Norman Hersch

    Adam, how can I tell the difference between a fairlady and the lightweight fairlady.
    Are the two different names? Where can I get a winshield? Can cracks be fixed as I have seen on some glass.

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