Ryan Friedlinghaus, West Coast Customs

September 3, 2010

This Weeks CarCast guest Ryan Friedlinghaus sits down with Adam Carolla and Sandy Ganz to talk about some of the work going on at West Coast Customs. Shaq’s cars among others come up in the discussion. Ryan brings in three cars for the show, his Wrench Hot Rod, custom Dodge Charger, and a Mercedes, all being hit up by a leaf blower! Then Sandy and Motorator Matt head out to see Steve Strope’s Anvil Boss 429 Mustang Project. Enjoy the Show!

Check out Ryan’s and West Coast Customs right here www.WestCoastCustoms.com

And Ryan’s show, “Street Customs” on TLC Street Customs on TLC

For more information on Steve and Pure Vision Design check it out at www.PureVisionDesign.com

And finally thanks to Matt Lazich, owner of Anvil Auto for the Anvil Mustang preview www.AnvilAuto.com

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Episode Video

West Coast Custom Cars

Purevision Design Anvil Mustang

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20 thoughts on “Ryan Friedlinghaus, West Coast Customs

  1. Clayton

    I would have loved to hear more of him starting out and what else he is doing. Saw stuff for Dubai and Russia. Maybe a return vist in a year or less. Great work, Thanks for the shows.

  2. Dave

    These cars are primarily driven by tools who don’t give a shit about cars but just want to show off the bling.

    1. Ford Prefect

      True, but that would be 95% of the population, wouldn’t it? And those “tools” who can afford customs usually have talent in other areas — playing basketball, producing movies, etc. On the other hand, this is the same shop that gave us Paris Hilton’s pink Bentley, some truly awful, heinous sacrilege. And I don’t know what her talent is.

      I think if I had a custom, it would be a Lambo with regular doors (for the WTF factor).

      The Anvil Mustang was good though — lot’s of nuts-and-bolts stuff. Here’s the earlier video: https://carcastshow.com/2010/03/13/the-grand-national-roadser-show/

  3. Greg

    Fantastic episode this week, just getting ready to watch the video of the Anvil Mustang, listening to the audio was interesting, but its hard to follow the technical stuff without visuals.

    Why would people bash Ryan Friedlinghaus and West Coast Customs for giving their clients what they want? Tastes differ, but quality work speaks for itself. The two door charger looks awesome, and he made a good guest.

    Did you guy’s shoot or record anything up at Pebble Beach and the Monterrey Historics a few weeks ago? Other than the gotomypc.com skit I mean…

    1. CarCast Post author

      Yep, we have a full episode of Pebble Beach and the Laguna Secca coming soon. Video was a couple of hours delayed but should be all good now!


      1. Dave

        Can’t wait for the Pebble Beach video. Really looking forward to seeing it. Good job on the Anvil video. It makes up for the West Coast Customs.

  4. captain ham

    nice job on the anvil mustang video. only one complaint: the videos aren’t long enough. more carcast please.

  5. Ben B

    Wow, another great carcast! Bravo! Love the video section and photo slides! WCC, Wrench, everything! …And the Purevision segment. Awesome. Man, those talk money! Just great! Hope the popularity of the Carcast is doing well compared to the podcast, which is also my fave! Hope to continue listening for many SEMAs to come! ha ha!

  6. KS

    You guys ever thought of putting the videos up as a video podcast that people could subscribe to also. Overall real good work

    1. CarCast Post author

      We have, just not quite ready to do it. It’s a bit more work and we are just keeping above water with videos and the show as it is. Their are other issues but the main one is time right now.


  7. Dustin from BC

    Holy smokes Sandy and Donny, you gotta get a hold of the key to Adam’s locker full of English Laundry gear… And supervise it closely! Please please pleaaaase, control the madness! The plaid monster is blurring my vision…

    Cool shirts and stuff, own one myself, but too much plaid is just disturbing.

    Anyway, loved this ep, great guest. Would have been funny if Adam had gone postal on the leaf blower dude, was so hoping he would.

    1. CarCast Post author

      The leaf blower guy has struck a few times. It’s retarded how he just blows the crap from one driveway to ours.

      Adam and plaid? I hadn’t noticed 😉


  8. Allen

    Big fan of Ace and Car Cast. I know there are time constraints, but the interview with Ryan could have been much longer. That guy has so much stuff going on and must have a sh*t load of stories. Between West Coast Customs, the shop in Germany, the TV show, and all of the familiar faces he’s had working for him at WCC from other famous shops (Bernt and Duane from Boyd Coddington for example) , there was a lot of interview left in the tank.

    Admittedly, I’m not an experienced wrencher like Sandy, but the Anvil Mustang thing was a bit dry and maybe a bit too focused for the average listener. Maybe you could do a “Sandy’s corner” video for the website for the hardcore wrenchheads or something? Just a suggestion.

    Thanks for the show!

  9. Mark

    Really liked this episode! Have Ryan back soon! I really like what they do on the show for the most part (although some of it is a bit ridiculous)! Would there be any chance to make the Car Cast an hour and a half show? The episodes seem to have gotten shorter and since it’s only once a week that would be really nice! Anyways I’m asking way too much out of you guys. Just keep up the great work!

  10. SUPDOG

    I just watched this episode of “inside west coast customs” . didn’t know Adam changed his last name to Corolla.

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