PODCAST 952: Everyday Driver, Dream Cars, and Richard Hammond’s Crash

December 15, 2017

Adam and Matt share their thoughts on the new season of The Grand Tour. They then invite Todd Deeken and Paul Schmucker of Everyday Driver to the studio to talk about their show’s second season on Velocity. Later, the guys chat about their dream cars and Adam helps a caller involved in an accident after turning left on a red turn arrow.

Hosts: Adam Carolla and Matt D’Andria
Producer: Chris Laxamana
Engineer: Caelan Biehn


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  • Mike Clarke

    ATS – Automobili Turismo e Sport was formed after the Palace walk-out at Ferrari Phil Hill, Chiti and Bizzarrini with funding by Count Volpi. Chiti wanted a V8 Bizzarrini wanted a V12. Chtii won the argument. Bizzarrini walked and took his V12 design to a tractor company called Lamborghini the rest is history.

  • Michael

    Shining example of how to not host a show with guests. Carolla showed practically no interest in his guests whatsoever.