PODCAST 739: 2015 Coronado Speed Festival Recap

September 25, 2015

Adam and Matt recall their weekend at the 2015 Fleet Week Coronado Speed Festival. They discuss Adam’s BRE Roadster and its unfortunate fate during a qualifying run. Plus, they help a caller thinking about investing in a Boss 302 Mustang.


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Adam Carolla at the 2015 Coronado Speed Festival
2015 Coronado Speed Festival Races
2015 Coronado Speed Festival Cars


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  • StuInTokyo

    Great picture of you and the twins Adam, really great picture. Sorry to see that extra ventilation hole in the side of your engine there, heck a little duct tape and it will be fine 🙂
    How easy/hard is it going to be to get a new block? Was it something one off for the race car, or a breathed on stock block? Love the old Datsuns, in my youth I had a 68 Datsun 520 pick up that came with a 1500cc motor, all 77hp. I stuffed and 1800cc LB20 motor in it from a Datsun 610, with headers, custom intake and carbs, it made a lot more power. Just love the old Datsuns.
    Love the podcasts.

  • Jon Smith

    When you guys were talking about the passenger side of Adam’s Datsun being higher the first thought I had was maybe it was doing a counter clockwise track maybe a oval?