PODCAST 842: Ken Lingenfelter

October 21, 2016

Ken Lingenfelter returns to CarCast with Adam and Matt. They talk about the latest with Lingenfelter Performance Engineering as well as some of the newest additions to Ken’s amazing collection – including the Ferrari F12tdf and Acura NSX. The guys also advise a caller wondering when is the best time to buy an appreciating car.

For more with Ken, visit Lingenfelter.com

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PODCAST 841: Richard Waitas, Magnaflow

October 14, 2016

Richard Waitas returns to the show to talk about the latest with Magnaflow, SEMA, and Vicious Mustang. Adam also gives an update on the 935 Porsche at his shop. Plus the guys answer listener questions about the value of a Cayman R and what kind of facilities they’d like to see near the track.

For more with Magnaflow, visit Magnaflow.com

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PODCAST 840: Henrique Cisneros and Jonathan Seiber, MOMO

October 7, 2016

Henrique Cisneros and Jonathan Seiber of MOMO sit down down Adam and Matt for a podcast about steering wheels, pro-touring cars, and jack stands.

For more with MOMO, visit MOMO.com

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PODCAST 839: Tim Lea

September 30, 2016

Tim Lea of Tim Lea Restoration joins Adam and Matt for a podcast about Shelby Mustang restoration, FIA stripes, and the impact a father’s car can have on his children.

For more with Tim, visit TimLea.com

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PODCAST 838: Coronado Speed Festival Recap

September 23, 2016

Adam and Matt recap their trip to the 2016 Coronado Speed Festival. They also lament about terrible car shows on TV and give advice to a caller wondering if he should play it safe with an economy car or go with something sexier.

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PODCAST 837: The Rally Gene

September 16, 2016

Adam and Matt preview their upcoming trip to 2016 Coronado Speed Festival and talk about the rally gene. They then give a few pointers for those wishing to drive in L.A. and help a listener looking to spruce up the tires on his Civic.

CC836 RX7

PODCAST 836: Rotary Engines, Motorcycle Racing, and Jeeps

September 9, 2016

Adam and Matt answer some listener calls on swapping an RX-7 engine, buying a Jeep, and the risks of motorcycle racing.

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