Chris Dyson (2021 Trans-Am Champion)

March 11, 2022

Adam and Matt are both here for this week’s episode of Car Cast. In this episode the guys kick off the show talking about the 2000GT becoming the most expensive Japanese car ever sold. Next, they welcome on professional racer Chris Dyson to talk about his history as a driver. They talk about his experience driving at Le Mans and Adam asks for some tips on his upcoming trans-am race.

Ed Loh (Motor Trend) On EVs & Future of Transportation

March 4, 2022

Matt kicks off the show talking to Ed Loh (Head of Editorial, Motor Trend) about the history of Motor Trend going from a magazine to digital. Ed gives his thoughts on Ford’s EV strategy and gives a ton of credit to Jim Farley. Ed then talks on where Ford, GM, and Chevy differ from one another in terms of their EV strategies. Adam then joins the show and he asks Ed how we can follow the plasma tv model and make more EV’s available and less expensive. Lastly they get discuss the overreaction to range anxiety and get into some electrical infrastructure and grid talk.

Adam’s Return To Racing + Hummer EV & General EV Talk

February 25, 2022

Adam and Matt are both here for this episode of Car Cast. The guys talk about Adam’s current Trans-Am project and the guys get into the upcoming Trans-Am race at Laguna Seca in April. Adam talks about how excited he is to get back on the track and they discuss trying to get Adam in the race. They talk about partnering up with Showtime Racing and then they get into the specs on the new Hummer EV. Lastly, they do a broad talk on EV and the infrastructure that is making it difficult to scale.