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PODCAST: Lincoln Aviator, Ford Mach-E, and John Morton Crash

November 22, 2019

Adam and Matt chat about the new Ford Mach-E SUV and John Morton’s recent crash.

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The BEST feeling in the racing world is when your legendary driver returns from the care center with a smile on his face! After being airborne, barrel rolled and landing upside down crashing into the wall John Morton with assistance crawled out of the BRE 46Z like John Wayne! He is in the white helmet Rob Fuller is in the black helmet. Both ran almost identical times around the famed Daytona international Speedway! Although our weekend was cut short in the second session it was a fantastic time with friends and crew members that will never be forgotten!! See you at the Mitty! @rawbfuller @zcargarage @hsrrace #nismo #datsun #vintageracing #vintageracecar #vintageracer #240z #1970s #nissan #peterbrockdesigns @carboquartz

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