PODCAST 922: Ridiculous Car Chases, Car Custody Battle, The New Maclaren

June 1, 2017

Adam and Matt chat about the Leitzinger 280ZX and a cool car Matt is expecting soon. The guys also answer listener emails about improbable car scenes and losing a car after a divorce.

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PODCAST 921: Manual Transmissions with Brian Koppelman, The Chevy Exorcist, People Who Don’t Care About Cars

May 26, 2017

Adam and Matt begin the show with an update on Jay Leno’s mystery SUV from last week. Billions’ creator Brian Koppelman then calls in to talk about driving his new Porsche 911 that features a manual transmission. Adam also explains his perplexity at those who don’t appreciate cars and the guys chat about the Chevy Exorcist, Chevy Volt, and Chevy Bolt.

PODCAST 920: Adam’s Crash at the Soapbox Derby, The Jeep SRT, Oil Changes

May 19, 2017

Adam and Matt kick off the show talking about Jay Leno guesting on the season finale of Adam’s TV show. They then recall Adam eating asphalt at the Red Bull soapbox derby before taking some calls on the Jeep SRT series and changing the oil of cars that don’t get driven very often.

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PODCAST 919: Don Nunley on Steve McQueen and ‘LeMans,’ Garage Suggestions

May 12, 2017

Author Don Nunley calls in to shares stories of Steve McQueen and Le Mans. The guys also talk about product placement and Adam praises Don’s initiative as a prop master. Afterwards, Adam and Matt answer listener emails about garage suggestions.

Find Don’s book, Steve McQueen: Le Mans in the Rearview Mirror on Amazon.

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PODCAST 918: Ebay Deals, VW Rabbits, and Listener Calls

May 5, 2017

Adam opens the show expressing his love of searching around for good deals on Ebay, along with unsuccessfully trying to convince James “Baby Doll” Dixon to buy a car. This leads Adam to talk more in depth about and question the current pricing for Mercedes 260 series from the late 60’s. After that the guys run through a full bank of phone calls. Before they wrap, Adam has some questions regarding the original VW Rabbits on whether it used a timing belt or a timing chain.

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PODCAST 916: Cory Graff, Military Aviation Curator

April 21, 2017

Adam and Matt share their thoughts the Lincoln Continental Black Label after spending a weekend driving the car to and from the track. They also answer a caller asking for the hosts’ opinions on the BMW brand. Later, the guys welcome military aviation expert Cory Graff to talk about WWII aircrafts.

Check out Cory’s latest book, Southern California’s World War II Aircraft, available on Amazon.

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PODCAST 915: Jonathan Ward

April 14, 2017

Jonathan Ward of ICON returns to the show to talk about his electric car projects, the problem with today’s supercars, and why his Aston Martin Zagato design never came to fruition. They also help a caller with a question about the BMW M2 before getting into a conversation about fatherhood.

For tickets and information on the 4th Annual Cars and Casino Benefit, visit GoCampaign.org

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