PODCAST 913: Trans Am West Championship at Willow Springs

March 31, 2017

Adam and Matt recap their exciting weekend at Willow Springs for the Trans Am West Championship. They talk about Adam’s initial concerns leading up to the race followed by an extensive discussion about experience competing in this field for the first time. And of couse, Adam shares his elation from podiuming in his class!

Hosts: Adam Carolla and Matt D’Andria
Producer: Chris Laxamana
Engineer: Caelan Biehn



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PODCAST 912: Scott Pruett

March 24, 2017

Scott Pruett joins Adam and Matt to talk about his incredible racing career. They also discuss the presence of Lexus in motorsports, winemaking, and Bruce Jenner. Afterwards, the guys dole out advice to callers about braking before turning, Impalas, and Porsche 924’s.

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PODCAST 911: Back from Amelia Island

March 16, 2017

Adam and Matt are back from the Amelia Island Concours D’Elegance. They talk about having some confusion with Adam’s cars being displayed. The guys also give share the results of Adam’s Lamborghinis being up for auction and take listener calls on drag racing and Jeeps. And Adam shares some thoughts on his new TV show.

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PODCAST 910: Jim Beaver

March 10, 2017

Adam and Matt start the show discussing some of Adam’s concerns with his upcoming Spike TV show – Adam and Friends Build Stuff Live. They then get into a conversation about one of Adam’s less mentioned cars – his BMW M3 E46.

Jim Beaver then joins the guys to talk about racing the Polaris RZR Star Car and the guys answer a listener email about traveling to Goodwood for vacation.

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PODCAST 909: Alexander Weaver

March 3, 2017

RM Sotheby’s car specialist Alexander Weaver returns to talk about the upcoming Amelia Island auction, what cars to invest in, and those stupid center consoles that can’t close when you have a cable coming out.

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PODCAST 908: Doug Herbert

February 24, 2017

NHRA racer Doug Herbert joins Adam and Matt to talk about the B.R.A.K.E.S. advanced driving class for teenagers. The guys also help a listener with restoration ideas for his Datsun 240z.
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PODCAST 907: Claudio Burtin and Larry McReynolds

February 17, 2017

Adam and Matt talk about Adam’s new Jaguar F-Pace and some improvements he’d like to make to the car. The guys also chat about Amelia Island and a new red light law in Pennsylvania. Claudio Burtin then joins the guys to talk about Burtin Racing and Adam’s upcoming Trans Am event. Plus they talk about some the new GoShare app and Line X protective coatings. Afterwards, Adam plays a discussion he had with NASCAR analyst Larry McReynolds.

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PODCAST 906: Tom Nelson, Nelson Racing Engines

February 9, 2017

Tom Nelson joins Adam and Matt to talk about Mirror Image Turbos, off-roading in Iceland, and Spyker. They also help a caller that’s interested in buying a new BMW.

Visit NelsonRacingEngines.com

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