Ed Justice Jr.

February 23, 2013

Ed owns & runs Justice Brothers, Inc., a worldwide manufacturer and distributor of additives, lubricants and cleaners. The product line contains over 100 items that are sold to the automotive, heavy equipment/semi, agricultural and industrial markets. His dad and uncles were the first sponsors in NASCAR.


Show Credits

Producer: Jeff Fox
Audio Engineer: Chris Laxamana


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  • Taylor

    Love me some JB! The cars always feel better after some emissions cleaner run through it.

  • mark demars

    Most my Justice Brothers experience have been clearly positive. That is rear intake oil leak ’83 bonnevile-sealed; radiator leak in friend’s Rabbit-sealed; coolant loss due to head gasket in daughter’s ’99 Malibu-sealed; currently awaiting results of slow trans seal leak and valve ecover gasket leaks on my ’01 Park Av. I recommend to people I know and I meet, though until recently, could not find FULL LINE at retail. (I first saw JB in a rack at my first real job, 1973 filling gas tanks and checking oil and washing windshields, and wondered what the hell is this?) Need spokesperson???

  • mark demars

    By the way, when Justice Brothers not easily found because of distribution, that darn widely available Lucas product has to do. At least automotive stores should have JB!

  • randomcommenter1

    I’m 29, never heard of JB, and I don’t doubt the claims that are made at all. What bothered me though, was that there wasn’t a lot of straight answers to the questions and it seemed like Ed Jr. was almost angry. His voice carries this sense of anger and pride of the past, like that “the good ‘ol days” type of mentality. Regardless of that, I’m going to look out for that emissions cleaner.

    Just stating what I noticed. The first 20 minutes felt like a long commercial. Gonna poke around the other carcast episodes.
    Good times.

  • Ted Johnson

    I forgot to say I was stating what I noticed. And like randomcomment1 I’ll poke around more. If other episodes are like this one, it’s all good!