Dave Harriton of American Expedition Vehicles

November 17, 2012

AEV makes heavy-duty Jeep Wrangler aftermarket parts, including suspension mods, lift kits, axle replacements, hemi V8 conversions, steel bumpers and skid plates. All of AEV’s parts are made in the USA. Dave shows us his “Brute” pickup version of the Wrangler.

Show Credits

Producer: Jeff Fox
Audio Engineer: Chris Laxamana



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  • No pictures of the Ferrari?

  • Brandoneus

    Not sure when they made the transition to truckcast but it needs to stop immediately.

    • J.finlayson

      number 1 selling vehicle F150, that’s it

      • Rex Montana

        No, I think it’s kids. Driving real fast in canyons is an irresponsible thing and partly suicidal. (I have wrecked many times, and I’m not your nanny, but honestly, it’s dumb.) So what are the options? 1) become a recreational racer and obey safety protocols. 2) learn to enjoy low-speed motor sports, E.G, recreational off-road. 3) Enjoy cars for their aesthetics.

  • TL

    What, no start up or rev of the jeep? The Aceman is slackin! – Great podcast as always guys- I always love the obscure car references, such as the Fiat X/9 and Lambo LM.

    • Rex Montana

      IMO, the Lambo LM is the pinnacle of SUV’s. No idea how it drives or ages, I just like it’s looks.

  • Brodie Knob

    That guy’s Jeeps are nice, but boy does he suck the energy out of a room. I almost fell asleep listening to him.

  • Hugh

    I’m likin’ that truck. Nice

  • marty

    AEV confuses the hell out of me…I’m waiting for Jeep to make the Pickup version with a diesel in Canada and I’m hoping I didn’t have to wait years because this company bought some right to make their versions.

  • Joe

    I enjoy, both fast exotics, and rock crawling. Glad to see some off road stuff on the show.

    Who took the pics of the Brute? 2 shots of the stock door handles, really? No shots ,of the interior, back seat area, where the modifications are made, to seal the cab. Dropped the ball on that.