Cam Evans of Red Line Oil & Top Fuel Hydro Boat Owner Eddie Knox

May 4, 2013

This Sunday Sunday Sunday, CarCast steps onto the liquid quarter mile to profile the “Problem Child” top fuel Hydro Boat! Our guests are the very knowledgeable Cam Evans of Red Line Oil, sponsors of “Problem Child” as well as team owner Eddie Knox. We stick Adam in the driver’s seat and fire this 9,000 hp blown nitro engine! If our neighbors don’t hate us already, they do now!

Show Credits

Producer: Jeff Fox
Audio Engineer: Chris Laxamana


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  • mnoswad1

    I used to drive a rusted out black/green 79 toyota hilux 2wd around NYC. Got it for free, it was awesome, like driving a go-cart around the city. But the 5 speed transmission was really difficult to shift after my spirited city driving.

    I changed the tranny gear oil to Redline MT-90………the results were completely noticeable, smoother, no notches, no popping out of gear, it was the first time I could feel that fluids actually made a difference.

    Some, rather most said, why bother with the effort of putting synthetic and expensive product in a old beater truck, but that fluid change allowed me to keep driving a free truck for almost 10 years. Well worth a few quarts I think.

  • Alex

    Eddie to Adam, “Want to take it for a spin?”.

    Adam, “NO, never!”.

  • Chris Middlebrook

    Hey guys,
    After the boat was fired up, there was a guy back there with a breaker bar turning the motor. Is that to keep it from seizing up?

  • Taylor

    I was wondering about that breaker bar guy too??

  • Brittany

    The guy with the breaker bar is backing the motor down. It’s done to get the nitro out of the cylinders. If its not done the nitro will combust and cause the motor to blow up when it is lit the next time.

  • Taylor

    Wow Thanks!