Auto Spokesperson Heather Heughens and Matt’s Cobra Mustang!

November 30, 2013

Heather Heughens aka “The Grease Bunny” stops by on her way to the LA Auto Show. Then we check out Motorator Matt’s recently-acquired ’93 Cobra Mustang and hear about his plans for it!

Show Credits

Producer: Jeff Fox
Audio Engineer: Chris Laxamana
Full Throttle Kustomz (Dyno Shop and EFI Tuner) –


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  • rk

    Great car.

  • 1969jaime

    Hey Matt,

    Cool car. Nice & clean.

    Hope you enjoy fixing it up!


  • Josh Mecey

    my 2008 ford ranger work truck still has antenna in the same place.

  • Jeff Stallings

    Matt, that’s one sick stang! I have a Oxford white 93 GT myself and love driving it in the summer! I can’t wait to see how this car comes out! Sounds like it will be the best fox body ever built!

  • Matt Cobra

    Wow, $7000 with only 50,000 miles. Nice deal.

    Yes, that is my real name.

  • David Meyer

    Love the ’93 Cobra!

    This was my favorite episode because it’s a cool car I could actually afford.

  • Fieldengineer

    Great find.

    I spent the Thanksgiving Weekend in my Mom’s garage changing out her shocks/struts on her 1990 candy apple red 2.3L four banger Mustang LX. I was visiting from Phoenix.
    It is a one owner car that has always been garaged.
    I changed her oil and repaired the leaking radiator hoses.
    Mom is 79 years old and drives it four days a week to her part time job at her church.
    She was thrilled.
    The car is a joy to work on because the smaller engine allows you to “crawl” into the engine compartment to fix things.

    Keep up the great work .
    Take Careful

  • oliver

    My first car was ’67 mustang, and mothers first car was a brand new fire engine red ’68 mustang. She was going to purchase an Impala but the Chevy dealer wouldn’t let drive off the lot without a drivers license, but the ford dealer did.
    Good looking car! Great show!