PODCAST: Fontana Recap, Hypothetical Stop Light Game, and Switching Oils

July 3, 2015

Adam and Matt recall their weekend at the 2015 Southern California Historic Sports Car Festival at Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, California. They also provide commentary over a few laps of Adam’s qualifying race in his ’86 Paul Newman Camaro. Lastly, they answer a listener question about switching motor oils and play a new game with a caller.

Hosts: Adam Carolla and Matt D’Andria
Producer: Chris Laxamana


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  • John Hunt

    Hi Adam – you mention how frustrated you are with the tall first gear – in my formula cars and sports racers I have gear sets tailored to each track and first is always really high – like shifting to second at 55mph-ish. The reason is that a tall first is a useable gear on the track at speed, like on slow corners. Otherwise, that first gear would only be good for comfy launches and you’d only have 3 gears to play with when you’re haulin’ mail.